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The design philosophy of Oxen values are balance, fit and function over form.

To this end, great attention is paid to perfecting the relationship between people and their workwear. Oxen has invested enormous resources in research and development to handle the tough problems of today's active workforce through innovative technical solutions.

At Oxen, workwear is built to last and high standards of quality are key. Rigorous testing and ongoing research help Oxen engineers determine and develop optimal workwear to match the preferences of working people. Premium quality U.S. denim and canvas and U.S. military standard hardware ensure the integrity of construction and enable the inclusion of extra utilitarian features.

Oxen is a premium-brand workwear, crafted for comfort and built for performance: a jean that works as hard as America's workforce.

The Oxenworkwear name, logo, global brand and concept is 100% American. Oxenworkwear was born and is nurtured and managed in a beautiful place called Brooklyn, NY.

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